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Hi, I am a Life Coach

I am Janardan Kar. I have worked as a working professional in corporate sector for four and half decades. Faced challenges in mid career and changed my outlook with awareness and rose in career to the level of Managing Director and had afulfilling life as well.
now i am a certified Life Coach and also a cetified Digital Business coach.

 My mission is to help and support a million Working Professionals to grow in their career and become passinate professionals serving humanity with their impeccable services and lead a life of Fulfilment

My Mission

Digital Coaching
Bring Harmony, sustainability and abundance in society

Despite the spectacular improvements in external conditions, there is steady decline in Harmony, sustainability and mind-set of abundance in the society. It needs to be rebuilt 

My Expertise

Digital Coaching
Inner engineering

With the experience of four and half decades in corporate world I have understood that the Inner engineering is the foundation block for career and life

My Community

Business Growth Hub
Wellness Fulfilment Hub

In the process of establishing this community to spread wellbeing and fulfilment in the career of working professionals so that they spread it through their passionate wservice to mankind

3 Steps To Grow In Career with Fulfilment

With over 10,000+ members and growing, we are building a new leadership for the new world.

Step 1

Be Aware Of current situation of your Life and Career

Check your current beliefs. Be aware of your current situation. Contemplate what do you want and why. FirstTake care first of your Primary Resources. Do swot analysis and find the skill gap.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2

Develop a customized plan

Once you complete the stock checking of your primary resources and the skill gap yo need to bridge for career growth. Develop a plan

Step 3

Implement the plan and provide support

The coach will work closely with the client to implement the plan and provide ongoing support and guidance. The coach will help the client stay on track, make progress towards their goals, and overcome any obstacles that arise. They will also provide feedback, resources and mentoring to help the client improve their business skills and knowledge.

Step 3

 Fulfilled Career Hub

In the process of creation

Simple Process to Get Start

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then go on the career growth journey with fulfilment.

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