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MY MISSION IS to help, support and hand hold a million young professionals to achieve unlimited growth in their career with fulfillment in life and become passionate, efficient and effective leaders, achieving dream positions in their organizations.Their excellent service to people.The ripple effect will create abundance, harmony, sustainability in the world- a better place for people to live, love and pursue their worthy goals.

Meet Mr. Janardan kar


Hi! I am Janardan Kar working as a Career and lifestyle Mentor and founder of the Digital teaching and coaching pvt ltd.
I am an Engineer of 1978 batch from NIT Rourkela, worked for 38 years in a Maharatna PSU NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation)successfully rising from executive trainee to executive director coming up from scratch to finish. Worked as Managing Director of Chattisgarh State Power Generation company and currently working as Director ( Industrial services) in a listed Private Company and over looking Operations and Maintenance Management of more than 40 power stations in different parts of India and abroad. During this long professional career I have the experience of 
seeing young people facing their problems and frustration in their career paths,  not able to grow as they desired  . At last whether they achieved the career growth or missed it, a significantly large percentage of them did not get the fulfillment in life- the basic purpose of life. Making money, achieving power &   position, name & fame  may not be  give satisfaction and feeling of Fulfillment. .And from the experience of my own career and intense observation on the career growth of the people I worked with I desire to guide and support young professionals in shaping up their career for unlimited growth with the fulfillment in life  

My Mission is to co-create a breed of passionate, effective and efficient professionals to become the future principle based leaders .  The mission focuses on producing people who have fulfilled life and enjoying their career  and serving the society to create more values for them and others.

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Why to choose Me?

As Career and Lifestyle Mentor, I understand their roles, goals & their concerns, I create a strategic way to help individuals in order to be a excellent successor in each and every stage of their life.

7 Pillars of Janardan Kar

We will be humble and lead a minimalistic life style.

#1 Awareness
We are the spirit undergoing human journey of infinte potential and unlimited choices. born with infinite potential with a wonderful body, mind and a pure soul.
#2 Gratitude
To be grateful to all who have helped us to be where we are today and thus get the grace of superconscious being.
#3 Responsibility
To take the responsibility of the primary resources (Body, Mind, Emotion, and Energy) we are born with. Respond to outside events positively with awareness for favourable outcome
#4 Growth
Utilise time effectively on daily basis to grow in acquiring new knowledge, skill to be innovative and creative to steadily progress towards set goal..
#5 Discipline
Develop the work discipline to form positive habits.
#6 Service
Strive to provide excellent service to people and society at large.
#7 Humility
Be humble and lead an essentialistic life style.

What My Client's Say...

"Janardan Sir had given me proper guidelines due to which I can achieve my desired destiny in less time. Also, Now I am ready for any kind of risky challenges because after passing these risks I get full satisfaction of being a successor. Thank You Sir for your valuable support. "
Vinayak Mallya
Bangalore, India

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