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An Engineer of the 1978 batch from NIT Rourkela, worked for 38 years in a Maharatna PSU NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation)successfully rising from executive trainee to executive director -coming up from scratch to finish. Worked as Managing Director of Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company and currently working as Director ( Industrial services) in listed Private Company and overlooking Operations and Maintenance Management of more than 40 power stations in different parts of India and abroad. During this long professional career, I have long experience of seeing young people growing in their career, their problems and frustration in achieving positions and not growing as they desired to grow for very many reasons. Ultimately a large percentage of executives don’t get fulfillment in life whether one get or don’t get the career growth. Making money or achieving power and position could not be the ultimate objective if it does not give satisfaction and feeling of Fulfillment, it is the belief grown out of my professional life experiences. My objective is to provide the tool kit to young executives to achieve Career Growth with the strong foundation of Fulfillment  

Working for so many years in various sectors and gaining such experience and knowledge his present mission is in search of Fulfillment and Wellbeing life. In order to do so I had to import that knowledge to help and support millions of youth or young executives to become not only successful but achieve fulfillment through their career growth.

My mission is to create a breed of passionate, balanced, and confident executives to become the principle-based leaders of the future to create a productive, efficient and sustainable society of people and healthy environment. My mission focuses on producing people who are fulfilled enjoying their career to the highest extent and serving society to create more values.

Currently, I am the Owner of Janardan Kar Digital teaching and coaching pvt. ltd. to pursue the Mission.

Fulfilled career growth

In India There Is A Very Big Populace Of Youth. Sizeable Of Them Are Educated And In Career . Due To Paucity Of Career Opportunity Suiting Their Liking Or Skills They Have , Growth In Career Is Not Happening The Way They Wish , Leading To Frustration . Traditional Education System In Schools And Colleges Do Not Address That Issue Nor Make Them Ready For Career Growth.

In The Other Hand Those Who Have Some Career Success Initially Due To Some Focus On Career Or Resorting To Some Shortcuts . Then The Fulfillment Which Has To Come From Career Is Not Coming , Leading To Frustration . Young Executives Run After Money , Power , Position And For That They Get All Kind Of Formal Education – Degrees But After Getting Into Job Market And Then Job , Many Of Them Don’t Find The Joy In Work Even After Getting Initial Success Because Stagnation Creeps In.

Objective Of Career Growth Is To Find Fulfillment In Life. In The Frenzy Of Getting Money , Power , Positions If People Lost Touch With Happiness Of Relationships, Own Health And Things Which They Love And Have Passion For -Then They Find Themselves In The Mess Of Their Creation.

In All These Three Scenarios It Is Observed That The Young Working In Organisations Require Proper Education , Mindset And A Blue Print And Hand Holding To Follow Not Only To Get The Career Growth But Also Proper Grounding In Achieving Steady Fulfillment. Success, Career Growth And Fulfillment Are Not In Congruent ; They Are Very Much Congruent Provided It Is Thought And Practiced That Way. And It Is Not Available In The Present Set Up Of Educational System , That To In A Easy ,Flexible , Automated Digital Format.


#1 Awareness- We Are Born With Unlimited Potential And Infinite Choices With A Wonderful Resource- Body, Mind And  Pure Soul.

#2 Gratitude- To Be Grateful To All  Those Who Have Helped Us To Be Where We Are Today. Trust On The Supreme Consciousness For His Grace.

#3 Responsibility- We Have Taken The Responsibility To  Upgrade The Resources We Are Born With I.E. Body, Mind And Soul, Relationships. Accept The Situations And Events As They Are And Respond With  Positive Attitude To Get Positive Outcome. 

#4 Growth- Use Time Effectively To Acquire Useful Knowledge Daily And Put Into Practice To Grow In Capability.

#5 Discipline- Follow A Discipline Of Regularly Practicing The Useful Acquired Knowledge And Skill To Progress Towards Worthy Goals.

#6 Service- We Will Strive To Be Service To People And Nature. Regularly Spend Some Part Of Our Earning In Charity For Greater Causes.

#7 Humility- We Will Be Humble And Lead A Clutterfree Essentialistic Life Style.

# My Mission #


Inspite of of all the comforts available with the advanced technology, society of Human Beings are more tensed and leading unfulfilled life. The society constitutes a large no of young professionals, who come from educational institutes to job market without the  knowledge of how to lead life and grow in career. And interestingly career occupies the largest part of active life and decisive factor in quality of life one leads. The objective of life to get Fulfillment and wrong beliefs and practices of professionals eludes that.


My mission is to help and support young professionals have career growth with Fulfillment and to create a brand of passionate, effective and efficient human beings providing  excellent services.


My vision is to co-create  Abundance, Harmonious and Sustainable world through the services of the brand of passionate, Efficient and Effective professional. A world of better place for people to live, love and pursue their worthy dream towards their Fulfillment.

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